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I just experienced an issue that can be said about Chinese consumers when they try to remember domain names. Recently our car finally rested in peace and a friend was generous enough to lend a car to us for a while. After the car was delivered to us today, it presents a new challenge for us: a different car license number to remember (yes, where we live there are occasions when we need to tell people our car license number). The number is HJD555.

While 555 is quite straight forward to remember, I find HJD difficult. I’m sure I’ll forget it by this time tomorrow. So my wife suggested to try to give some meaning to the number. As an enthusiast in Chinese domain names, I instinctively wanted to split the license number into two parts — HJD and 555 — and apply what I have learned about creating Chinese meanings for domain names.

To find meaning for HJD, I first checked my database. Unfortunately, it returned nothing. My next tool was the Chinese keyboard. I activated it and entered HJD to get a list of 22 Chinese terms (meanings), such as 还记得 (still remember), 好简单 (fairly simple), and 黄金岛 (golden island).

For 555, I just need to focus on a single 5 and then repeat it two more times. I can’t explain it but it seems that we Chinese like to say the same thing three times to emphasize it. Here, 5 rhymes with 舞 (dance), 吻 (kiss), 我 (i), and many more Chinese characters.

The next step is to combine the two parts to form a Chinese phrase with cohesive meaning, and here is the creative process dictated by the purpose of the name. For example, if the name is to be used for a dance school, I may combine HJD (好简单 = fairly simple) with 555 (舞舞舞 = dance, dance, dance) to form a catchphrase: It’s simple to dance!

But my purpose is only personal, so I picked HJD (好简单) and 555(我我我) to give the meaning “I’m simple”. My wife also chimed in with her suggestion in Japanese: HJD555 (Hara Juku De Go Go Go = Go for it at Harajuku, Tokyo). So, this name is easy for both Chinese and Japanese consumers to remember.

From this simple exercise, you can see that something with a meaning is easier to remember. If a meaningless domain name is given a meaning that enables Chinese customers to associate it with your products or services, then you have a brand. When a domain name becomes a brand, just imagine its value.

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