A new testing water for this 2009


HGD.in is currently on Sedo auction.


Thanks to Jeff for the start kick in this game :) . This is HOT domain everyone .. take your chance now! Join the Bid!


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Hmm, I might be interested if you're going to tell me why HGD is so hot and how can I profit from it. If you're good at explaining, I might even buy it.


Why are you make offer/bids on this name?

- Hgd.in is a three letter word included of great letters in the high-potential of .IN and it has many definitions from this domain.
hgd meaning - Acronym Attic

HOT premium .In is India's country-code top level domain

This is your great chance to take over this domain.

Thank you for your interest!


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I like the Domain..but I think I will not be able to do justice to the domain as of now..also, you will definitely get a higher price than what I can currently invest..

I wish I had not put so much money in .TEL domains now..but best luck for your domain..
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