A Hong Kong company uses a NNNNNNNN .com domain

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Domains in the wild are captures of domain names in the physical world. Whether as decals on vehicles, signs or other advertising media, “domain sightings” come in both a .com flavor and a non-com range of TLDs, gTLDs and ccTLDs.

In today’s capture, we are dealing with a numeric, eight digit (NNNNNNNN) .com domain from Hong Kong.

The domain is 24839328.com and as it happens it provides green A/C systems in China. The domain is also the company’s phone number, as this translation shows:

Commercial water-cooling energy-saving and environmentally-friendly air-cooler was developed in 1992 and assembled by imported parts from Australia. In 2008, it was sold to consumers in order to guarantee the price of trade. The introduction of large-scale molds was fully produced in China, and at the same time with Hong Kong/Sweden/China. Work together to develop and improve.



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