A good read: Mention How Domain Was Acquired in Offer Email

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I tend to buy my most valuable domain names in private acquisitions. Oftentimes, the domain names I want to buy are owned by companies that no longer need these domain names. I have found that sometimes the domain names were acquired by the current registrant as a result of a corporate acquisition. If I have this information, I like to mention it in my offer or introductory email.

At larger companies, the decision makers don’t always know about specific domain names their company owns. The corporate domain name assets are typically managed by someone in the IT department, and the IT department usually responds to requests made by the employees in the marketing department (ie “change the nameservers” or “set up email on this domain name”). This means a senior executive responsible for business decisions, such as the sale of a corporate asset, may not even know the company owns a particular domain name I want.

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