A German travel site, property development companies and a bitcoin trading platform bought domains

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    Sedo had a lot of good end user country code domain names over the past week including SeeReisen.de for €59,500. Also, the company that developed The Edge observation deck at Hudson Yards in New York City bought another domain name.

    Here’s the list of end user sales from the past week. You can view previous lists like this here.

    SeeReisen.de €59,500 – This domains translates to “Sea cruises” from German and is the top overall sale from last week. It currently forwards to UrlaubsExperte.de which translates to “Travel expert”, a German travel booking site specializing in cruise ship travel.

    EdgeNYC.com $10,000 – The Related Companies, a property development company that develops both commercial and residential properties. This is for an observation deck at Hudson Yards in NYC. It bought EdgeNY.com for $2,000 a couple of months ago.

    NGJ.org $8,800 – Forwards to NoGreaterJoy.org for the No Greater Joy Ministries Inc. out of Memphis, Tennessee.

    SelfStorage.info $6,999 – It looks like the buyer is setting up a self storage search site.

    BitcoinFuture.com $5,960 – A bitcoin trading platform.

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