A German telecom company, tire distributor among others bought end user domains worth £30,000

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This week’s top end user sale has an unknown buyer, but we will surely find out their identity soon. In addition to .com many ccTLDs made their way to the list: .de, .co, .ch and .it

Here are some end user sales from Sedo last week. You can view previous lists like this here.

DuoBank.com £30,000 – The Whois changed from someone in Korea to Scalar IT, a CDW company. I assume that’s outsourced IT for the buyer. When I search ‘duo bank’ I get a result for an investment firm that uses DuoBank.com.br.

Berel.com $8,200 – A Mexican paint brand and manufacturer.

Heuro.com €4,800 – Forwards to Heuro.ca, a Canadian resource and treatment program provider for those suffering from a brain injury.

Access the full list here


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