A cool domaining story – $1.99 to $20,000


There was a story that I did not see posted about that was a really cool domaining story. While it’s cool to read about the exploits of Mike Mann and Rick Schwartz, most small to mid size domain investors tend to think that the big sale will never happen to them.

The name was MessengerKids.com and about a year later a little company by the name of Facebook came a calling.

The opening offer $20,000, accepted immediately. Deal done!

The opening post at Namepros:

The name was hand registered at netfirms.com, at price of $1.99 back in 2016 Fall. Sold in 2017 Oct. Buyer came in with offer $20,000 USD. Accepted. Escrow traded.

Now some in the post at Namepros questioned why he did not counter, I know the owner of this publication Mr.Berkens has always told me that you need to counter. Even if the opening offer knocks your socks off. For many they believe the potential buyer will immediately have remorse, that their offer was too large and that they could have done better. To quote Game of Thrones creator, George R.R. Martin, “A fair bargain leaves both sides unhappy.”
Facebook had no remorse and the deal quickly closed.

Facebook’s Messenger Kids app is fairly limited in scope, allowing for text and video chat, as well as sending photos. … In 2011, for example, an operator of virtual worlds that had been acquired by the Walt Disney Company agreed to pay $3 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that it …

I thought the seller was very gracious and low keyed, nice to see someone hit a grand slam without even pressing for one.

Here the seller noted the whole deal in it’s entirety:
buyer called in June inquired the name available for sale. while, I have 3000+ names, I couldnt tell her if the name still with me or not.

Asked her to email back with offer.

No emails. Thought the sales would not happen. Didnt really care about it

Email offer came in September. Accepted. Deal done in October.



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Great story! Although likely not a domain I would have registered myself.


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Great story! Although likely not a domain I would have registered myself.
So often the case, after all the years in domaining I still don't have a clue which names may sell and often amazed at those that do and their prices.
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