A 3-Letter .Com and the Year's Biggest ccTLD Sale to Date Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart

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    Seeing a 3-letter .com at the top of our weekly all extension Top 20 Sales Chart has become a common occurrence, the latest example being this week's biggest sale, GPO.com at $50,000 in a deal that was handled by Joe Uddeme at NameExperts.com. Another domain from this perennially popular category reached the top ten. That was Sedo's $19,000 sale of NIQ.com.

    The week's other headliner was Sedo's €35,000 ($39,900) sale ofMobility de. That sale, made by veteran broker Frank Tillmanns, is the biggest country code sale reported so far in 2019. Sedo put another ccTLD in the top ten and it was also a German .de domain - #8 BF.de at €15,000 ($17,100).

    Sedo also played a big role in helping the .coms sweep 14 of the 20 chart entries. They sold #3 Vivlio.com for $25,000 and #4 Mandom.com for $22,800. Sedo went on to pile up 12 charted sales overall.