9.XYZ sells @ $170.25K, YY.xyz $37.5K, 22.xyz $25.8K, ZZ.xyz $17.1K | DN Journal's TOP 20


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Ron Jackson >> The DN Journal Weekly List of the TOP 20 Sales >>
dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm ) >>

.IN Sales: None

Other India-related Sales:

SHANTHI.com EUR 4.5K (approx. US$4,950) / ( via SEDO.com )

| Yogi.ME $1,200 (
DNPric.es )

Top Sale + Top 'New TLD'/'nTLD': 9.XYZ $170,250 ( via West.CN )

All of the
.XYZ DN Sales mentioned in this week's DN Journal TOP 20 report were via West.CN >>

ZZ.XYZ $17.1K [...] ZZZ.XYZ $5,850 | 987.XYZ $3,975 [...]

.COM Sales:

Via DomainProducts / Afternic >> Lotto247.com $30K / Spectrum360.com $13.5K

RON: ..."DomainProducts sold 365Simple.com for $5,500 at Afternic"...

"Rory Ivey moved YesTag.com for $3,160 via DomainNameSales.com."

"GenericDomainMarket.com used Sedo to sell OyygenApp.com for $2,999, GoDaddy to sell SpiderApp.com for $2,499 and Afternic to sell StyleMyLife.com for $2,499."

( RON >> "you can look up the nation each extension goes with here [ iana.org/domains/root/db ]." )

Percentage of .COMs

Thu, Jan 21 = 14 out of 20 =

Thu, Jan 28 = 12 out of 20 =

Thu, Feb 4 =
17 out of 20 = 85%

Fri, Feb 12 =
15 out of 21 = 71.43% / (21 - the extra spot due to a 2-way 'tie' at #20)

Thu, Feb 18 = 15 out of 21 =
71.43% / (21 - the extra spot due to a 2-way tie' at #20)

Thu, Feb 25 =
11 out of 20 = 55%

(Dates are as per the prevailing local time in India)


dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm excerpts:

Chinese Auction of .XYZ Domains Yields a 6-Figure Sale & 5 Others That Took Places on This Week's Top 20 Chart

By Ron Jackson

[...] the mold most popular with Chinese buyers- short .com acronyms and numeric domains [...]

[...] 9.xyz at $170,250 [...] one of the three biggest sales reported so far this year in any extension) [...]

[...] the DomainProducts.com sale of #4 Lotto247.com via Afternic for $30,000. DomainProducts owner Clark Siegelin, who specializes in .com domains with the 247 suffix (as well as those with 360 and 365), told me that is the highest "247" sale to date.

PlentyOfBrands.com [...] a nice profit on #14 (tie) Convict.com. Owner Christian Calvin had picked that name up for just $4,200 at last month's NamesCon conference before flipping it this month for $10,000.

[...] Rory Ivey sold #14 (tie) Bolt.org for $10,000 in a private transaction and Logan Flatt used Afternic to sell #19 (tie) Overture.org for $7,500 [...]

[...] some more news of interest from George Kirikos of Leap.com, who has uncovered many six and seven domain sales by poring over public SEC filings. He has learned that Sonus Networks netted $896,000 for selling PT.com in October. It is quite likely the sales price before commissions were deducted was seven figures. I have an inquiry in to Sonus investor relations to see if they will confirm the exact sales price so we can add it to our 2015 Top 100 Chart where it would rank among the top 5 sales [...]



[ Ron's full article - including the complete, weekly list of the DN Journal TOP 20 Sales:

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