88.XYZ Sells @ $70K, Web.HOSTING $52.5K, Stock.PHOTO $16K, 8.LINK $14.5K | The DN Journal TOP 20


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Ron Jackson >> The DN Journal Weekly List of the TOP 20 Sales >> dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm >>

.IN Sales: Face.IN $2,100 ( via SEDO.com )

'New TLD' / 'nTLD' Sales:

NameJET.com >> 88.XYZ $70,000 | Web.hosting $52,500 | Stock.photo $16K | 8.link $14,500 | Night.club $12K | Buy.cars $11K | We.link $11K | E.link $10.2K | Pot.club $10K | I.rent $9K | Wedding.gift $8.5K | E.gift $8K | 99999.xyz $7,111 | Ad.network $5K | Beachfront.property $4.75K | LasVegas.online $4.75K | business.college $3.9K

RON: "Elsewhere, Todd Savage sold Eternal.life for $1,200 in a private transaction."


Some DomainProducts.com DN Sales:

RON: "A sale that DomainProducts.com made via Afternic leads this week's .Com Supporting Cast of four-figure sales. That was Signs360.com, a name that went for $9,999. They moved eight more domains through Afternic including 360Science.com ($7,200), Payment24.com ($4,000)"...


"DomainProducts sold two others through their own platform -
Fair360.com for $8,975 and CP360.com for $5,000."

Percentage of .COMs:

Thu, Dec 17 =
17 out of 21 = 80.95% / (21 - the extra spot due to a 2-way 'tie' at #20)

Thu, Dec 24 = 19 out of 20 =

Thu, Jan 7 =
33 out of 40 = 82.50%

(40 - double the usual 20 - as this report covered 2 weeks of DN Sales Data)

Thu, Jan 21 = 14 out of 20 =

Thu, Jan 28 = 12 out of 20 = 60%

Feb 4 = 17 out of 20 = 85%

(Dates are as per the prevailing local time in India)


dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm excerpts:

Quartet of Six-Figure Sales Sets the Pace in a Busy Week for the Domain Market - New gTLDs Have Their Best Week to Date

By Ron Jackson

NameJet reported their January sales this week (including completed sales from the seven-figure live domain auction they staged with RightOfTheDot.com at the NamesCon conference) [...] NameJet [...] the two biggest -
417.com at $169,000 and Genetics.com at [...]

Earl Naegele from Peerless-AV.com crashed the NameJet party [...] with a six-figure sale of his own, banking $115,000 for #3 SPV.com. That helped fuel the ongoing trend of ultra-short domains dominating the charts as 14 of the 20 entries on the elite list were no longer than four characters.

That also held true for [...] 88.xyz, [...] that changed hands for $70,000 via NameJet, [...] and #10 Web.hosting [...] $52,500.

[...] The new gTLDs had their best week to date, as you will see when you get to the Non .Com gTLD Top 20 Chart later in this report - they swept 16 of the 20 entries on that list.

Another ongoing trend you will note is the continued popularity of numeric and 3-letter .com domains. There are six from each category [...]



[ Ron's full article - including the complete, weekly list of the DN Journal TOP 20 Sales:

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