8 ways to get higher ROI for your domain names from Rick Schwartz



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Rick Schwartz, the person who sold Porno.com for $8,888,888 describes how you may have a higher ROI on your domain names:

Here are some of them:

1) Avoid bidding in well-advertised domain auctions

2) Sign up for industry newsletters that offer quality names at discounted prices.

3) As a seller, always set up your domains to receive offers, not with a BIN price.

4) If it’s in the news, and it’s not about death, disasters or other human loss, it’s probably registrable.

5) Avoid trademarks, obvious typos of marks or other domains that come with a promise of future litigation.

6) Allow expert domain brokers to handle your outgoing sales, by signing up exclusive contracts.

7) Stay away from most exotic domain TLDs that appear to be trending, but long term will most likely be abandoned for the sake of a .COM.

8) Invest in select, quality, meaningful gTLDs that serve a purpose and which are operated by established domain Registries.

Source: DomainGang


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