7 Secrets of Professional SEO Article Writers


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1) Get your keyword research on.
2) Put the keywords to work.
3) Write about something people care about.
4) Make it long enough to count.
5) Optimize the optimization of your web content writing.
6) Edit your work.
7) Become your own online PR agency.

Complete article here
Also you can put your selected keywords under analysis using Google Adwords keyword planner to study the local viability of you SEO. I don't
suggest to write a lengthy post or article for a PR or personal blog for starters. Most people would not read a very large text from someone they
are not engaged into his/her content yet. But maybe there are exceptions.


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You forgot that they need to learn proper keyword density. This is extremely important.

Great list though!


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I think the place where most people become lost is during the keyword research phase. Research can be a scary term, and most people just begin writing without having any sort of basis for their topic. To find the most competitive keywords, take a look at Google's adwords tool. The more expensive the keyword, the more competitive it is. Depending on your strategy, you may want to stay away from such a keyword, or focus on it.


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