7 Guidelines to Choosing the Perfect Domain



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Often the first interaction that a new customer has with a company in now online. The typical path to purchase now inevitably leads thru your domain name. Digital marketing managers have a tremendous impact on how the brand is communicated to the customer. For example, a brand’s domain hierarchy can create a seamless walk thru the product portfolio or complete confusion.

The ROI for traditional advertising is diminishing, while ROI on digital advertising in increasing. Digital advertising will surpass TV advertising by the end of 2016. Businesses are projected to spend over $77B on digital advertising in 2017.

What this means is that the global demand for quality domains will increase while the supply of domains that make sense to each individual language remain relatively limited. The new gTLD extensions will provide some new supply however the domains that make sense linguistically are still limited.

Seven guidelines for choosing your domain name

  • C – capture consumer intent
  • O – One word or simplicity in messaging
  • N – Nimble
  • V – Viral & Verb
  • E – Elevate your brand
  • R – Radio test
  • T – Trademark availability

Read the description on each of this guidelines here



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