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This domain does not necessarily has to be for an adult website. You can use this for anything related with unisex business too.

FREESEX (exact match) receives around 5 million searches per month on average from across the world. Just imagine, around 1666666 every day, 6944 every hour, 116 every minute! 2 searches every second for FREESEX (exact match)!

FREE SEX (broad match) receives around 31 million searches per month on average, that is, more than 1 million searches per day, more than 43,000 per hour, more than 700 per minute! 12 searches every second for FREE SEX (broad match)!

If you are to add someword before or after FREESEX or FREE SEX the search figure is simply astronomical!

Al major tlds with this keyword is registered. Even you will hardly find any cctld left. Even new gtld like .shoes and .cab are not left.

Can you guess the HUGE potential this domain has?

.me is not an other isolated domain. It is the most preferred short tld by the who’s who of the Internet. Check out the following premium .me domains taken by the biggest players:

Facebook : fb.me
GoDaddy : go.me
Time magazine : ti.me
WordPress : wp.me
Visa Inc. : v.me
Delicious : d.me
Google Plus : g.me
Turbulenz : ga.me
IME Share & Trust : i.me
ID ME : id.me
NameCheap for Education : nc.me
Vkontakte : vk.me

Domain registered with GoDaddy. Will push to your account for free.
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