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It must be difficult for expired domain name research tools to compete with ExpiredDomains.net. It’s hard to beat free with such a solid feature set.

There’s a new domain name generator out that you might want to check out, called NameBounce. I tried it and got some good results. My favorite name generator is still LeanDomainSearch, and it appears to have gotten an upgrade recently.

Sedo’s auction board isn’t as active as GoDaddy and NameJet, but it’s worth stopping in from time-to-time. Right now Jet.biz has 16 bids and is $650. GV.biz has 17 bids and is EUR 355. Someone placed a $4,200 bid on FreeSlots.casino; I suspect that was pushed to auction after an offer.

Speaking of Sedo, I’d like to give them props for continuing to publish sales data. It’s very helpful for the industry.

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