4L Premium Domain Qroe.com for Sale

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    Seller's Notes



    An excellent short domain name with just 4 Letters. It can either be used to develop a website or hold and resell to a higher bidder




    • eibb.com for $1800 on 11/12/17 at namejet
    • znbw.com for $1018 on 11/12/17 at namejet
    • kjzj.com for $6606on 10/12/17 at dropcatch
    • yimp.com for $3999 on 08/12/17 at Sedo
    • zooy.com for $2705 on 08/12/17 at Sedo
    • goxa.com for $2001 on 08/12/17 at Flippa



    Just a few ideas for the future of this premium property:

    • Sell the domain to an end user for a lot more than you pay for it.
    • Hold the property as an investment. Premium properties like this aren't readily available anymore and will only increase in value.
    • Park the domain and collect money. While the domain is parked and making money let people make offers to buy for significantly higher than you paid.
    • The ideas are endless for such a high end piece of property

    Why are we selling such a premium piece of internet real estate?


    We buy rare and limited domain names or high end online properties and either develop them into long term passive income generating powerhouses or sell them. If there is a serious buyer we are prepared to sell right away. Otherwise if there is no serious interest we will continue moving forward with the development of this premium property in the very near future.




    Payment Options

    • Escrow Service
    Transfer of domain

    • Can be pushed to enom
    • Can be transferred to buyers desired registrar but please note that this can delay sale completion up to 14 days.
    Other Stuff

    • Don't hesitate to ask any questions or to comment on this auction