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selling my 4 websites, because i am going to give my anual exams
check and see would you are interested in these websites.
Website Hangamapoint.com
Description: Entertainment Website.
Website LinkExchangeDirectory.info
Description: Link Exchange Directory Website.
Website Photouploads.info
Description: Free Image Hosting Site which hosts images on its server with out any cost or any registration.

Script Features:-
+ Just three pages of Custom Made script.
+ Clean interface, very easy to template/modify
+ No database required.

Google Page Rank is 0.
Alexa Traffic Rank 2,312,080
Earning: Little or No Earning.

Domain Name http://www.webistars.com
Description:: Web Hosting And webmasters forum website.

Google Page Rank is 1 valid.
Alexa Traffic Rank 1,759,772
Earning: Little or No Earning.
Payment: Payment via Western Union & MoneyBookers.

Price: BIN is $200.
Not Very Expensive sell just want to sell fast within 2 days.
Willing To Sell these websites to single buyer so that they sell fast and easy.
Also If You like you can buy just the domain names at low price.
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Alexa rankings can't be the sole determinants of measuring a sites importance and popularity as the rankings do not take into account all the browser types like Windows Vista etc.
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