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Since I don't think they'd mind and for those who don't get their emails I am posting here the newest email I got from them yesterday:

I hope you have been
enjoying my insight into
the various ccTLD markets
and videos.

One thing I highly recommend
is re-reading some old blog posts
on the various domainer blogs like
SevenMile, Conceptualist and see
how it could possibly relate to

History repeats itself and any
investment or research technique
used in dotcoms could most likely
be modified and have relevance to

Let me give you a solid older
blog post made by Sahar:
Domain Mining: Follow The Money at Conceptualist.com, By Sahar Sarid
Everything mentioned there can
be applied to ccTLDs 100%.

Investing in domains where
there are lots of advertisers
paying lots of money will assure
you that even if you buy a domain
that gets minimal traffic. If it
gets just a few clicks a year it
can be profitable.

There is plenty of 2 word solid
generics in ccTLD markets for these
high paying industries.

Traffic may not break down the door
but the traffic that does has a
chance at making you nice money.

Our job related Spanish domains have
an RPM of $90-100 while our games
related domains have an RPM around
$20 RPM.

As I keep saying pick ONE market to
start whether it is .es, .cl, .nl,
.dk, .de, .fr, etc.. Just pick one
and try to find your spot in the

There is countless ways to profit
off ccTLDs it is just a matter of
finding what works for YOU.

To Your Continued ccTLD Success
Mr. $3000 A Day Domainer


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Hi alexpooley. If done probably, I think email marketing can extremely effective - don't you?


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Yes, but why does a guru need to run a campaign at all when they are already pulling $3k per day domaining?


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First of all, he never called himself a guru. Second of all, and most importantly, it's to bring attention to the ccTLD market so that we all might benefit.


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Yes, but why does a guru need to run a campaign at all when they are already pulling $3k per day domaining?

Personally, I don't see why this matters. Successful businesses don't stop their marketing campaigns just because they're earning a decent profit. Also, I don't think it good idea for businesses to get too complacent after they've become successful.


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I just got the first mailout from these guys.

I'm glad to say that there is no marketing or hype, just practical tips.

They basically advise beginners to cctlds to focus on the cheaper cctlds to register - such as .es, .nl and .dk - and to avoid the more expensive cctlds - such as .com.br, .ro, and .com.mx - until you have more experience.

There is something to that, although I can see beginners using that to focus on .co.in instead of .in, which IMHO would not be correct.

The logic is that the cheaper the registration fees, the more you can try things out and find out what works. While that's certainly true, I'm not sure that's the best way to go about things. For instance, .com's are more expensive than .net's, but I would never advise someone to concentrate on .net over .com.

Instead, you should be looking at other factors, such as aftermarket sales, population levels, growth of internet penetration, income levels, etc. Presumably issues like this will be dealt with in the future - they obviously can't overwhelm us in the first email they send out.

In short, so far things look promising.


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The next to last one is posted at top of this thread.
This is the first one:

Listen, I know the first video was a
little salesy and unfortunately
(for us, not you) at the moment we don't
have anything to sell you.

Cut me a little slack, it was my first
ever Camtasia video ;)

I do plan on releasing a product or 2
down the road but our goal right now
is to inform more people about the
value of ccTLDs. I will be sending
you a TON of free information on the
ccTLD market over the next few weeks.

If you take nothing else away from
the 1st video, take away the fact that
ccTLD domains, like dotcom domains, get
typein traffic and a LOT of it.

IMPORTANT: We highly recommend you NOT
jumping in and buying ccTLD domains until
you do enough research and fully
understand the particular extension
you plan on investing in.

Early next week we will be releasing
a new video that will answers the most
common questions relating to ccTLDs.

I already got a few good ones
that I will be answering in the
next video, including:

- Do you buy english words or native language words
in the ccTLD?

- How do I get started buying ccTLDs?

- I speak only English, can I still buy ccTLDs
and make money?

- Don't some extensions have restrictions?
and how do you get around them?

But I still need your help...I WANT more questions.

Give me your HONEST feedback on the video
and let me know any and all questions
you may have regarding ccTLDs and I will
do my best to answer them...

email them to: questions@3000adaydomainer.com


Mr. $3000 A Day Domainer

P.S. - If you have experience in
a particular ccTLD market, we are
very interested in getting in
touch and possibly doing an interview.
Please get in touch at the email above.


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The second one:

There seems to be some skepticism
about our first video. That is OK
as I do not believe anybody else
doing big parking #'s has ever posted
a screencap of their stats. So
skepticism is natural. But I assure
you it is 100% REAL.

First I want to be clear, investing in
ccTLD domains is no guaranteed overnight
riches. If anybody promises riches
overnight with no work, run far far away.

What ccTLD domains do offer is
OPPORTUNITY...and lots of it. Will
it take a lot of work and research? YES.
Can LOTS of money be made? YES.

I asked myself the other day.... Why
have I been as successful as I have
in the ccTLD space?

SIMPLE. Buying ccTLDs require extra work
and there is literally ZERO information
in regards to how or where to buy them.
Thus, most domainers don't put forth the effort.
For those that do (such as myself), they reap
the rewards of lesser competition.

It took me several months to analyze the
market and figure out what was what.

If this was EASY everybody would
have been doing it a long time ago and
the opportunity would not exist.

Every great opportunity starts with a
barrier to entry and ccTLD obviously has
had them:
- little to no information online
- language difference (I speak only english)
- restrictions on registrations

My goal is to lower that barrier of entry
by providing you with information on how
to navigate the ccTLD marketplace and
be successful in investing in them.

Think outside the box. ccTLD itself is
just a broad term to define country code
domains. There is way more opportunity out
there than I can discover myself.

If you are the type of person who likes
to make excuses such as:
- I dont speak (insert language here)
- All the best domains are taken
- ccTLD market is too small compared to dotcom

All I can say is STOP MAKING EXCUSES..

Take ACTION. Create your own destiny and find
your own niche within the ccTLD world.

One last comment before I close out
this email. It is also noteworthy that
we own VERY few .de or .co.uk domains.
Both which are HUGE ccTLDs that
generate big revenue for many
domain holders.

If I can build a portfolio of this size
without any major markets as noted
above, then the sky is the limit.

Have A Great Week!
Mr. $3000 A Day Domainer

P.S. Look out for our question and answer
video tomorrow and as always please send
any and all feedback to


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The third one:

We received some great
questions from many of you and
loved the excitement you have
shown to learn more about the
ccTLD space.

In this video we have covered
a lot of ground for you and
hopefully cleared up and
answered many of your questions.

Click Below To Watch The Video..
$3000 A Day Domainer - Video 2

IMPORTANT: On Friday I will be releasing
my newest video that will show you
a possible opportunity waiting
to be taken advantage of. This is
information that I have NOT shared with
ANYBODY to date.

You will be the FIRST.

The reason I am doing this
is to show you the potential of
what is out there and how to think
outside the box yourself.


To All Your ccTLD Questions Answered,
Mr. $3000 A Day Domainer


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Thanks so much gentlesavage!

I wish that they simply posted this as a blog rather than a series of emails.


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Received a new email today.

The first point was basically the same as in gentlesavage's first post - concentrate on high paying keywords.

They recommend using Google Translate:
Google Translate

They show how they choose domains, which is a bit like OzDomainer's process:

The process they use is:
1. Choose a high value keyword - e.g. loans - and translate it.
2. Go to Google for the cctld in question and search for the term.
3. See what keywords the ads are targeting and recommended keywords suggested by Google.
4. See what the translations mean
5. Check which of these keywords are available as domains (or find out who to approach to buy the domains).

Good stuff - all applicable to mining for new .in domains.


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Another email from $3000 a day domainer with some really solid information.

For this email, they were using the .pl market as an example, this being a cctld they recommend.

Here is how they recommend proceeding.

First of all, do as much research as possible. They recommend the following blogs:
Andrzej Bartosiewicz's Personal Home Page
Domain Market in Poland

As well, there is a polish aftermarket site:
AfterMarket.pl - domain marketplace

The good thing about this site is that it provides traffic information. You can go through the listings and see which kinds of domains get how much traffic - e.g. go through:
Domains for sale
and look for generic domains.

It's also a good idea to have a local contact who can translate for you - you can find someone on one of the major freelance sites.


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There was another email today - this time about tasting in .pl.

They recommend Active24:
Active24.pl Hosting

For 1 PLN (.29 USD) at Active 24, you can taste a domain
for a period of 14 days.

If you decide to keep the domain and register it, then it will cost you 9.90
PLN (2.89 USD).


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Yes, it seems surprising to me that there are profitable .pl domains still available. Given that tasting is so cheap, I would have expected industrial strength tasting of 10s of thousands of .pl domains at a time by big players.

I might still give it a try though - it's worth a shot and I imagine over time you get better at choosing good ones.


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