3 simple things you can do to get more inbound offers on your domain names


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1. Use a “For Sale” landing page

Use a service like Afternic or Domain Names Sales where you can easily get a landing page up on your domain that clearly indicates it is for sale. If you think you can make some money parking, use a parked page with a for sale banner, but whatever you do, make sure if someone comes to your domain name in a web browser, it’s clear to them that it’s for sale.

2. Don’t use WHOIS Privacy Protection

3. List your domains on a few Domain Marketplaces

It is completely free to list your domain name on marketplaces like Buy Domains, Uniregistry, Sedo,Afternic, Go Daddy and many more. Don’t get too carried away but if you list your names on 1 – 3 marketplaces you will get more offers.

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