25 end user domain name sales including three big non-.Com domains


This week’s end user domain name sales list is notable not only because of its size but also because the first three domain names aren’t .com. There’s a .org sale I previously wrote about, a .co and a .ventures. Two of the three are related to blockchain. Heck, maybe the third is, too.

Here are the end user sales I found in Sedo’s sales list:

Star.org $225,000 – More on this sale here. It’s a blockchain company.

Nurture.co $45,000 – The domain is still in escrow but this is an end-user price.

Blockchain.ventures $42,000 – Blockchain ventures has created a couple blockchain-based businesses and isn’t afraid of new TLDs. Two of its businesses include coin.dance and blockchain.poker.

New50.com $23,205 – Interesting sale by Frank Schilling. The buyer is the maker of Cologuard, a non-invasive substitute to colonoscopies. You can bet this will be some sort of marketing domain since 50 is when people are supposed to get colonoscopies to check for colon cancer.

CoinLink.com $22,000 – This appears to be an end user sale as the buyer put “coinlink” as the registrant organization. The seller is the owner of CoinWeek.com, a cryptocurrency coin news site.

Avicenna €20,000 – The domain has privacy and isn’t resolving yet. There are a number of trademarks on this term. The price suggests it’s an end user.

NinjaMarketing.com $12,500 – Ninja Marketing Srl bought the .com to go with its NinjaMarketing.it (Italy) website.

VEDP.com $12,000 – Virginia Economic Development Partnership*

MemoPad.com €11,000 – MemoPad will be a content publishing tool. The buyer also owns MemoPad.io.*

ProPop.com $8,600 – Diet Direct, Inc. Perhaps for the name of a low-cal popcorn?

CoinCredit.com €6,900 – The domain has Whois privacy but the buyer has switched nameservers to Cloudflare and is working on building a website.

AITrading.com $4,999 – Tradezam bills itself as “Tinder for Creating Trade Robots”.

Microgen.group $4,300 – Microgen is a software company that uses the domain name Microgen.com.

Mzen.com $4,200 – Marketing company Zen Media.

ARM.us $4,000 – Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute (ARM Institute) of the National Robotics Engineering Center.

Assurances.online $3,000 – Humania Assurance in Quebec.

Freedom1.com $2,988 – US 1 Logistics has a subsidiary called Freedom 1 that is “a leading provider of intermodal drayage, long-haul trucking, and freight services.”

Taramar.com $2,888 – Taramar is a beauty products company that uses the matching .is (Iceland) top level domain.

Touch-Table.com $2,500 – Iconic builds an interactive table with a touchscreen. It uses the domain name Touch-Table.co.uk.

Livechat.in $2,300 – LiveChat Software SA

Teppich.tv €2,200 – The buyer is a carpet company that uses the domain messeteppich.at (Austria).

ThisIsAbsurd.com $2,100 – ThisIsAnInteresting domain choice by Manchester Digital Agency.*

GAKorea.com €2,009 – GA Korea Co., which appears to be a resort.

UnbundledLawyer.com $2,000 – Empowered Legal, LLC is a legal lead gen company.

WorldHappiness.com $2,000 – World Happiness Summit, which uses the domain name happinesssummit.world.*



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