2015 in Review: New TLDs


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How new top level domain names progressed this year.

New top level domain names came out with a whimper in 2014, with plenty of birth pangs.

What about 2015?

It wasn’t a break-through year

Hundreds more top level domain names hit the market during 2015. But adoption of new domains didn’t take off, proving what many in the industry have been saying: this is going to be a long, gradual process.

Most top level domain names have fewer than 10,000 registrations. Only 15 have 100,000 or more registrations, and all of these were aided by cheap or free registrations.

The top 15 new issues have 6.2 million registrations, representing nearly 60% of all domain registrations in new TLDs. Basically, all of these domain names have been registered by the registries themselves or at very, very inexpensive prices of a couple of dollars.

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