20 Domains for auction: PhotoFinishingRetail.com PR3, InternetMakingMoney.com, etc...


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20 domain names now available on eBay for a limited time and these domain name auctions start at only $19.99 each with no reserve.

These domain name auctions start to end every 30 minutes on Tuesday, September 6th at 14:00 - 23:30 PDT

Please click on any of the domain name links below to visit each separate domain name auction page:

WebCamForSale.com $520 appraisal - 892 exact search - $1.07 cpc.

PhotoFinishingRetail.com $4300 appraisal - 8184 exact search - $2.42 cpc - page rank 3.

SnacksAndDrinks.com $740 appraisal - 595 exact search - $1.11 cpc.

Statutable.com (one word dictionary domain) $340 appraisal - 136 exact search.

BuyTelevisionOnline.com $770 appraisal - 595 exact search - $2.22 cpc.

GuideMakingMoney.com $580 appraisal - 112 exact search - $0.95 cpc.

ConsolidateRefinance.com $1600 appraisal - 14 exact search - $23.13 cpc.

Roion.com (five letter brandable domain) $320 appraisal - 112 exact search.

NFLBags.com $1000 appraisal - 210 exact search - $1.60 cpc.

VehiclesStore.com $380 appraisal.

EquipmentIceHockey.com $550 appraisal - 483 exact search - $1.14 cpc.

Gobsy.com (five letter brandable domain) $1700 appraisal.

LoansCreditCheck.com $290 appraisal - 322 exact search.

NFLCheapJerseys.com $1800 appraisal - 595 exact search - $1.01 cpc.

RegisterCOUKDomain.com $420 appraisal - 322 exact search - $7.74 cpc.

Tevve.com (five letter brandable domain).

PersonalsInternet.com $430 appraisal - 56 exact search - $2.09 cpc.

PaperBagSupplier.com $860 appraisal - 1240 exact search - $1.49 cpc.

InternetMakingMoney.com $5500 appraisal - 6696 exact search - $3.02 cpc.

Memmu.com (five letter brandable domain).

All winning bidders will get a FREE domain name push to their GoDaddy account within 24 hours of receiving payment.

20 investment opportunity domain names - No reserve auction price - Free domain name push.

Alternatively, you can click on the link below to visit my eBay store and see all of my domain name auctions:

eBay Store Link

Additionally, I have a weekly domain name newsletter of the most recent domains that I'm selling.

If you want to sign up, please private message me your e-mail address.

Thanks for looking and I hope to see you at my domain name auctions.


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