2.tv Acquired for $4,600 by Mike Berkens in 2010 Sells for high six figure CNY


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Mike has sold his portfolio to Go Daddy (except for new gtlds and adult names). There was a report on Ename.cn that an investor Sheng Wang has purchased the domain in the high six figure CNY range. 1 CNY = .1533 USD so if high six figures is 700,000 for example then the name cleared $100,000. Of course that is speculation on my point, these ambiguous amounts given make these sales open to wide speculation.

Weng said he also owns several repeating two letter .tv like FF.tv,DD.tv and TT.tv. These names were all owned by someone else in 2015 so Mr. Wang has been on a buying spree.

With Alibaba, Baidu, and Le TV spending billions of dollars on video platforms, many domain investors increasingly value the importance of .tv. For example, 2.tv was sold recently for about 800k CNY.



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