19 end user domain sales up to $55,000


Sedo’s public sales over the past week were led by SysAdmin.com, which sold for $55,000 and now forwards to SysAdmin.ru.

Other sales include a brand name purchase by an anti-fatigue mat maker, a tech company that uses .cn getting the matching .com domain, and an app using .guru buying the matching .com.

Let’s get to the list, and you can see previous lists like this here.

SysAdmin.com $55,000 – The buyer is using Whois privacy but the domain now forwards to SysAdmin.ru, a site with technical content.

Coba.com $15,500 – Coba International makes anti-fatigue mats, entrance mats and floor safety markings.

Cordet.com €10,000 – Cordet is an investment firm that was using the domain name CordetCapital.com. The longer name now forwards to Cordet.com.

DDEV.com $10,000 – DDEV is a development technology.

Sentinel.co $8,888 – Sentinel Industries in Fiji.

CamCube.com $7,525 – CamCube is a dental product made by Witlaken.

Haylion.com $7,000 – Haylion, based in China, is a technology company that uses the domain name Haylion.cn.

PlateRate.com €6,800 – PlateRate is a food app that uses the domain name PlateRate.guru.

VideoMapping.com $6,500 – Mr. Beam is a projection art studio.

Caisson.com $5,500 – Caisson is a new company offering secure data and documentation services.

MyJackpot.co.uk €4,999 – Whow Games GmbH, a gaming company in Germany.

FundEye.com $4,700 – Carnegie Fund Services is a “legal representative of foreign collective investment schemes in Switzerland”.

SeedMarketing.com $4,000 – Student marketing company Seed Marketing shortened its domain name from SeedMarketingAgency.com.

SecureGas.com $3,900 – Red Clay is a technology consultant to the utility industry.

Laparisina.com $3,000 – Parasina is a Mexican fabrics company that uses the domain name laparisina.com.mx.

AIninja.com $3,000 – This was purchased by a company called AI Ninja that does AI work for the finance industry.

1property.com $2,900 – 1Let Limited is a UK property leasing company.

SunshineMobile.com £2,500 – Sunshine Mobile (USA) Ltd is a mobile communications company.

BitNine.com $2,500 – BitNine is a blockchain and cryptocurrency company.



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