17 end user domain name sales up to $500,000



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Sedo’s end user sales this week were headlined by a $500,000 sale. Although the buyer isn’t known yet, it is likely in the cryptocurrency space and almost certainly in finance.

Dax.com $500,000 – The domain name has not transferred yet but this is an end user price. Given the X at the end, the use of DAX to refer to Digital Asset Exchange, and the number of crypto-related domain purchases lately, this is more than likely a cryptocurrency buyer. One other possibility is the German stock market index.

RockSecure.com $10,000 – RockIT is an IT outsourcing firm that uses the domain name RockIT.com.

Crypto.club $10,000 – AstraStudio is a Russian-language game developer.

MySnacks.com $7,499 – The Hut Group offers many products and brands across beauty, wellness, luxury and lifestyle.

FRMN.com £7,390 – Formation offers a “Customer Goal Management platform” and uses the domain name Formation.ai. It forwards this abbreviated version to the .ai domain.

Logik.de €6,666 – LOGIK Business GmbH uses the domain name Logik.biz.

IngestibleSensor.com $5,000 – Proteus Digital Health Inc. Ingestible sensors are awesome and could transform healthcare.

MTD.org $4,995 – Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District

FRT.org $4,995 – Frontier Research Today, which is coming soon.

TheNextBigThing.com $4,777 – The buyers are anonymous (although they have a nifty stock photo purportedly showing them) but have started a site with content about new technologies.

APIproxy.com $3,800 – Tech company CDATA. It forwards to cdata.com/apiserver/, which does not yet resolve.

BudgetMotels.com.au $3,500 – Budget Motel Chain in Australia.

SQRZ.com €3,000 – SQRX divides geographic maps into squares. It appears to be a social network with emergency service applications.

WindBonds.com $2,999 – One Energy offers wind bonds to finance wind energy projects.

Syngentech.com $2,500 – Beijing SyngenTech Co., LTD. owns the domain name Syngen.tech but decided it was wise to also buy Syngentech.com. I don’t blame it.

RMAInsurance.com $2,399 – An insurance company that went by the name AAMDC rebranded to Rural Municipalities of Alberta, or RMA.

GG.FI €2,100 – Gold&Green Foods Oy in Helsinki Finland.



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