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Some domains added!!! And please check special offer at the end of this first post.
Here is the list of 100+ exceptional keywords domains. Mostly are registered at Dynadot and Name.com, but some are at some other registrars. I think that more than 90% has renewal in 2010, and those few with renewal in 2009 will have to be renewed at the end of the year.
Push for each of them is simple and easy, no matter of extension. I prefer Moneybookers payment, but i can also accept Paypal, or Sedo offer, or escrow.
The most of those domains are already taken in all popular extensions, has millions Google results, have nice amount of search results according to Google AddWords Tool, some even in millions monthly.Estibot for all of them shows some value, and for the most of them value by Estibot is in $xxx or $xxxx, and thats really big value for ccTLDs checked by Estibot, as its known that Estibot dont give almoust any value to any ccTLDs domain if its not really exceptional keyword domain.
Extensions on this list vary from .com to .vc, but as ccTLDs will have his "big time" soon, you should check my whole list and secure domain for yourself now. I dont have BIN yet, but mainly is in $xxx range for each, but for some i will ask high $xxx, for some low $xxx, and for few of them i can accept low $xx range. But please send me realistic offers so that we avoid too much negotitations. I bet you know that i will not accept $10-$20 offers for some domains, so please dont even send such offers for domains which you know have much higher value.
So, here is the list :

Abidjan .me
AccurateAppraisal .co.uk
Alaska .name
arriving .me
AstralProjection .in
banke .tel
Bastia .in
beh .tel
Benelux .in
Benelux .tel
betting .gs
bidders .me
BijouShop .co.uk
BirminghamTraffic .co.uk
BluechipStocks .co.uk
boarder .me
BoltonShop .co.uk
BristolShop .co.uk
brokerage .ws
BuenosAiresCity .info
buisiness .net
Catalonia .in
catering .ws
CellsForum .com
Cheap-Hotels .cn
CheapHotel .ws
Cotedivoire .eu
Cotedivoire .eu
dashes .org
Dharavi .in
domaining .co.in
dowload .us
download .hn
EspanyolBarcelona .com
esthetics .me
fao .tel
FaroeIslands .eu
favored .me
ff .vc
FireInsurance .eu
fly .tl
formula3 .org
FreeThings .eu
FreeVideos .cn
FresnoRestaurant .us
FresnoRestaurants .us
GolfField .co.uk
GolfPlayers .org
HighestBuildings .com
highschools .tel
HostingPlan .in
HostingPortal .co.uk
Hostings .mobi
h0t.eu (0 is zero)
IndianRupee .info
imperia .us
inert .me
IvoryCoast .name
IvoryCoast .tel
Kurds .co.uk
Kurds .tel
legalize .in
legur .com
Lenox .tel
letters .tel
LifeExperience .info
Lingerie .si
LottoJackpot .us
LottoJackpots .us
ManchesterTraffic .co.uk
missed .eu
MobileBetting .tel
MobileGambling .tel
mobsters .eu
MoneyMarketBusiness .info
neh .tel
NewYourk .co.uk
nou .tel
obligate .co.uk
OnlineBets .me
OnlineFootball .org
OnlinePoker .gs
pharmas .co.uk
PlacesForum .com
plasmas .in
PokerParty .tel
preoccupied .me
property .vc
psz .in
QuickCredits .co.uk
RealestateInsurance .eu
RealestateInsurance .info
RedThong .co.uk
researchers .cn
RevolvingCredit .co.uk
RioCity .info
Riodejaneiro .name
roulette .vc
Rustenburg .tel
SanPedro .ws
SaoPaulo .name
SavingMoney .eu
SeasonalJob .us
SeasonalJobs .us
seul .tel
shipments .me
SilkMarket .co.uk
Skopje .in
speculator .in
StartHosting .co.uk
struggling .us
subvention .us
subventions .co.uk
Teuta .co.uk
Timor .cn
toa .tel
TouristShop .co.uk
UnitedBloggers .co.uk
VegasRestaurants .us
VisitDubai .us
VisitMontecarlo .info
VisitRoma .org
wars .tel
wellbein .com
woman .bz
Yakuza .cn
zoomlamp .com

Just to mention, for push of .co.uk domains buyer will pay Nominet fee which is about 11 pounds, and for push of .si domains buyer will pay fee which is 5 €. For all other extension push is free, to another account on same registrar.
SPECIAL OFFER!!! During short period, you could get ANY 5 domains from this list together for $1k, or ANY 12 domains together for $2k. Of course, if you choose 5 domains which i values in mid $xxx each.
Please start sending me your offers (here or via PM):sold:. Or on jbolanca@gmail.com Thank you.
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