12,200.00 in total value from valuate.com, need your thoughts


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I was on a domain search recently, as I buy, sell these as well as keep them for myself in some instances. I recently bought two of these from Hamonster.com. I did a free appraisal from Valuate.com - Free domain name appraisals on the domains and they appraised at a total value of 12,200.00 the names are below, however I want to know everyones thoughts number on these domains and two the credibilty of these appriasal sites. As I own a few sites already, there's no denying the fact websites are valuable, however I tried out the sites, it's stating google.com is worth 330.00 dollars, lol, Heck if that's true, I'll TAKE IT FOR Double!!!, Just my thoughts as domainers use these tools to make decisions, these decisions, if guided incorrectly, are costly. I want to reach out to you guys in your thoughts of these appriasal sites. Thoughts?

Bought Domains:

Nombres.ca - Name in Spanish

bancos.ca - Banks in spanish

Hemant Kohli
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French .ca yes. Spanish- don't think so.

Online free valuations- little value in my opinion. Value is in the eye of the buyer.

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I most Def. agree with that philosophy, however it's a Spanish name on a canadian, tld, there are approx. 400k people in Canada of spanish decent. Just never know, specially since google is just as friendly with these if SEO is done correctly. Does anyone have any stories of SEO experience from different tld's outside the realm of the .com, .net, .org, .us? What responses have you gotten from google on your sites?

Hemant Kohli


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Just an Update, Nombres.ca is receiving approx 25 - 30 natural visits per day. I've just configured a simple web directory to test. I ran a search and found a site stating, nombres.ca is ranked approx. 51000 in .CA Domains.



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Just an Update on Nombres.ca it is now reaching peak levels of 55 visits on some days, with 350 page views. I will keep blog updated.



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Just an update, Nombres.ca is still receiving steady traffic, with NO Sign ups, kindda weird. I've also configured a boonex script on BusinessAnalysts.in and will be monitoring traffic as well. Already the statics are stating the domain has been receiving visints, if there are 873,000 LOCAL search for the term, business analyst then once optimized a bit, there is no reason, this site should not receive alot of that traffic, will keep the blog updated.


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I don't think your doing your keyword research correctly. You must be looking at broad search numbers, which ultimately don't really represent anything.

Currently [nombres] in Canada has 170 local exacts, and 165k global.

Also, [bancos] in Canada has 590 local exacts, and 165k global.

Now, if you have 55 visits a day, which isn't bad if you just registered the domain you may be able to push that up through the Canadian search engine rankings and maybe get the first spot, because right now Google's Pages in Canada says your in position 8.
Also, banco's on the other hand isn't showing up at all, mind you I only went 4 pages in.

Overall, I don't think its worth 12k at all, I think if your lucky you may get mid $xx. Just my opinion.


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Thank you for your thoughts, We def. need a better appraisal site. When entering nombres in google.ca we get a result set of 33,600,00 times. I wonder how valuate gets it's figures.


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Also, I noticed on the google keyword tool for nombres by going into google.ca and running a keyword search on the keyword tool, it states, 14,800 local searches? Is this correct? or am I searching in the wrong place?
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