10 Notable NameJet sales from March


NameJet sold 102 domain names last month for $2,000 or more for a total of $500,000. Here are ten of the sales that jumped out at me:

Optimization.com $27,700 – A buyer might also want to pick up optimize.com and optimise.com, which are available for sale as a package.

Embarazo.com $11,111 – That’s Spanish for pregnancy.

GymEquipment.com $10,655 – This is a huge market although it goes by variations such as fitness equipment.

Painful.com $10,0001 – Pain terms are valuable, but I’m not sure what you’d do with this variation.

Paygrade.com $6,600 – I really nice domain for a salary data or job site.

Zilloow.com $3,656 – Unsurprisingly, the buyer is using Whois privacy.

Publicate.com $2,566 – The company that operates at Publicate.it is going to be upset that it missed this auction.

Cyclers.com $2,189 – A nifty name for a bicycling site.

BrandingStrategies.com $2,102 – The end user that eventually buys this will be in a good position to determine if it’s a good brand or not.

TheFreedom.com $2,000 – The buyer paid just 1/10 of one percent of the sale price of Freedom.com.



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