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Perhaps the most befitting domain name to be chosen as a website address for marketing credit card products !

Number '1' will mark out the domain name from the crowd of credit-card / finance companies and banks. Short and easy to remember, and probably the most difficult domain name to get on any extension !!

Just have a look at some comparative /related sales history records :-

1. biz (USD 32,003)
creditcard.net (USD 138,000)
creditcard.co (USD 17,000)
creditcard.net.au (USD 14,194)
creditcard.mobi (USD 25,500)
creditcard.info (USD 25,500)

With a type-in search volume of 25,270 MILLION (keyword) and 445 MILLION (exact phrase) at Google, 1.creditcard is bound to be a blockbuster on the internet, with minimal SEO efforts and marketing campaign.

Submit your best offers at SEDO !
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