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  1. CyberKing

    ZAP.in - A sale and development story that needs to be told?

    I did not find any reference on this forum to this sale on Flippa of ZAP.in for USD 1500 in 2017 on 2017-03-05 However I see it is a fully developed site and put to great use with unique URL Shortening business model tied to payouts with Bitcoin - I think this is a terrific end user buy! Zap...
  2. CyberKing

    LBOX.in is now live! Free URL Shortner That Moentizes Your Links

    Attention - Webmasters, Bloggers and Digital Markerters - Our Free URL Shortner Platform LBOX.in with Advetising and advanced analytics is Now Live! After extenstive beta testing we are ready to welcome new subscribers onto our platform. We are a complete publisher and advertiser system with...
  3. CyberKing

    LBOX.in - Shorten URLs and Earn Money needs Beta Testers

    Hello All - Seeking a few experienced users of Link Shortners for sharing, marketing and advertising, of legal material only, to come take out service for a test drive over the next 90 days with exciting pre-launch offers. We will be manually approving users as we fix some minor items on our...
  4. CyberKing

    LTY.in - A FREE URL Shortening Tool with QR Code and Analytics

    Launching our FREE URL Shortening service on a dot IN - What better way to put a LLL to use? Link To You (LTY.in) is a FREE SERVICE which includes features like: a. Shortening Long URLs b. Masking Affiliate Links c. Tracking Specific Online Website Events Globally d) Generating a QR Code for...

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