1. H

    The Power of Prior Knowledge - Twister social media website - @Gold username for sale

    Get ready to tweet a post WITHOUT an Central Authority controlling what you say in your tweets, "Its one small step for man... one giant leap for MANKIND" Those were, of course, the words Neil Armstrong uttered as he became the first man to walk on the moon. An action that cemented his place...
  2. JulienJ

    Berkens sues Twitter over hacked account

    Blogger and high-profile domain investor Mike Berkens of has sued Twitter for allowing his account to be hacked and failing to rectify the problem. As industry Twitter users will no doubt already be aware, Berkens’ account @thedomains came under the control of an unknown hacker...
  3. domainking131

    How one guy got his Twitter handle for $250

    “You’ll never guess how I succeeded in getting my first name as my Twitter handle. It involved a six-month campaign that included some light Internet stalking, badgering staff at Twitter, $250 and a visit to the patent office.” He went out and got a Trademark, made a business card, and used...

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