1. domainking131

    .Sucks at the One-Year Marker

    We interviewed John Berard, the CEO of Vox Populi (the registry for .sucks) to learn about where they are going from here. In this interview, you’ll find out: – Which of the Fortune 100 are using the domain – How companies are using .sucks to assuage unhappy clients – How .sucks is being used...
  2. domainking131

    .sucks sends in the lawyers in “gag order” fight

    Vox Populi is taking ICANN to mediation over a row about what some of its registrars call a “gag order” against them. Its lawyers have sent ICANN a letter demanding mediation and claiming ICANN has breached the .sucks Registry Agreement. Complete article here
  3. domainking131

    DonaldTrump.Sucks registered via This.Sucks

    Someone just registered DonaldTrump.Sucks via the This.Sucks platform. Whois records show that the registrant is listed as This.sucks, Inc, and the domain name was registered on December 18th. As you likely know, Donald Trump is an American businessman who is currently running for President of...
  4. domainking131

    How I just registered Twitter.sucks for free in just five clicks

    This morning, I caused the registration of and was given control of a web site at twitter.sucks. I didn’t pay a thing, though I did — by checking a box linked to hidden terms and conditions — promise to pay $10,000 if I was later determined to be working for Twitter. Ordinarily, registering a...

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