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  1. R

    Real estate expired domains -Backlinks

    We are looking for a real estate expired domains or live websites that have a huge backlinks profile. The website DA should be 35-60. Our budget is according to their quality backlinks profile. Most of backlinks will come from the high quality blogs websites. We are looking domains that have...
  2. shadow_domains &

    This domain names are good for Real estate websites. &
  3. domainking131

    Top 250 “Automotive” “Cars” and “Real Estate” .Com Domains Sold in Last 5 Years

    Have a domain name with the word “Automotive” “Cars” or “Real Estate” within it? The following list contains the top 250 .com domain sales which have taken place within the last 5 years for domain names with the word “Automotive” “Cars” or “Real Estate” in the URL. This is for “reported” domain...
  4. D

    Dream Homes - A nice domain is available for sale! * Registered in 2012 * #Premium & #Brandable Domain * Best for #RealEstate company or online portal * Payment - via PayPal / Escrow / Bank Transfer (NEFT/RTGS) * Serious buyers only PM me with your offers
  5. O

    hindi .com premium domain names

    सामाजिक.COM => ($7,000) मोहब्बत.COM => ($15,000) संपत्ति.COM => ($12,000) जमापूंजी.COM => ($20,000) नीलाम.COM => ($12,500)
  6. C | Premium .com Domain For Indian Real Estate Guys

    The Indian real estate market is expected to touch US$ 180 billion by 2020. As the population is increasing, the prices of flats and houses are increasing. A lot of builders sell 2BHK Flat all around India which makes this domain very premium. There were more than 3000+ monthly searches in...
  7. K

    Best suitable name for vastu Shasrta website or any architectural business. Grab it !!!!

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