1. JulienJ

    How do .IO domain prices compare to .COM?

    Recently I was talking with another startup founder about domains (yes this happens quite a bit) and she asked a really good question – how do .IO prices compare to .COM. I didn’t have a great answer so thought I would do a little bit of research and find some comparable sales. Here’s a few...
  2. domainking131

    Domain pricing game: Acquisition middlemen still going strong in 2017

    Domain acquisition services, operating behind the scenes on behalf of usually well-off buyers, continue to game the domain market. Even when there is no trademark associated with particular domains, those middlemen attempt to acquire them at the lowest possible cost, putting pressure on the...
  3. Aubits

    Dot .IN Price Projections / 4 Levels or Categories

    Domain names whether .com or .in can be categorized into 4 levels. Check out some of my projections for .IN domains - Super Premium, Premium , High Quality and Quality . Why you want to own domains in the Top 100,000 to be ahead in the domain market Note: These are projections based on known...
  4. domainking131

    US confirms no .com price hikes before 2024

    The US government has confirmed that it expects to keep Verisign’s .com registry fee capped at the current level until at least 2024. Source
  5. domainking131

    .Com price doubling? Here’s what all that talk is about

    Could the price of .com domain names skyrocket in a couple years? You might have received a couple of emails from this week (or seen a post on its site) suggesting that the price of .com’s might double in 2018, and urging you to comment on the proposed .com contract extension...
  6. domainking131

    How to find the lowest prices on domain names

    Now you can easily see how much registrars charge with, a service from domain sales price engine Not only can you see the first year registration price, but you can also quickly compare renewal and transfer prices. This is important because some registrars have discounted...
  7. domainking131

    DomainTools CEO on price change

    Earlier today, DomainTools announced a change to its pricing and membership structure that will increase the membership cost. According to the email a few people sent me, “The price for Personal membership is $99/month or $995/year.” “DomainTools’ business has changed dramatically over the...

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