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    577.com And 757.com Just Changed Hands

    After acquired a lot of 2L.cn domain names and 3L.com domain names, Maizi just acquired three number domain name 577.com, the price was not disclosed, but it must be a seven-figure CNY price. Leizhu just sold his 611.com for ¥3.5m CNY at last week, however, he just acquired another three number...
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    095.com sold for over $1M USD

    A5.net reported that NNN name 095.com was sold for a 7 figure price. Just a while ago, 256.com and 273.com also changed hands. Seems like NNN names have come back to the spotlight recently. DnQueen.net
  3. domainking131

    791.com Sells for 1.62 million CNY

    There have been some decent numeric sales over the last few days in China. 791.com sold for $246,400. The sale was reported on Ename.cn. English translation from Kassey Lee of Coreile.com: 791.com sold for 1.62m CNY in recent auction. 9 is a lucky number and 791 is the dialing code of 南昌...
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    533.com sells for 2.72 million Yuan ($419,968)

    533.com sold for 2.72 million Yuan or $419,968. The domain was registered in 1998 and dropped two times previously. This sale has something in common with the 677.com sale in that there is an operating business running on it. Source
  5. domainking131

    677.com sells for 3.75 million Yuan ($577,125)

    The domain name 677.com was reported as sold Ename.cn. The domain sold for 3,750,000 Yuan. ($577,125). The thing that was interesting about the sale was that the domain is being used for an ongoing business. As these domain names only three digital domain, 677.com belong to ABB type, with “Fun...

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