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    Pheenix Introduces .XYZ Backorders For $4.99 & Increases Other Backorder Prices

    Pheenix announced that it is increasing the price of domain name backorders and is also introducing .xyz backorders. “Due to price increases by both ICANN and registries, beginning August 1, 2016, pricing for Gold backorders will increase to $24.99 and Super Savers to $14.99.” .ORG domain name...
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    New domains and ccTLDs also benefiting from Pokemon Go craze

    Regarding Pokemon related domain names, as of this morning, that number has grown to over 7,000 for the month, with 6,300+ in .com. But .com and .net aren’t the only top level domains benefitting from the Pokemon Go craze. GoDaddy shared a breakdown of Pokemon registrations by top level domain...
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    52 new TLD sales over $5,000 you probably haven’t seen yet

    Here is a list of new gtld sales that were released by Uniregistry: $30,000 21,250 $20,000 $15,000 $15,000 $14,888 $14,000 $12,500 $12,500 $11,000...
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    Two new TLDs in the wild within 100 yards of each other

    Two neighboring companies in Austin are using new top level domain names. New top level domain names are slowly being put into use. It’s not that unusual to see them in the wild anymore. First up is, just north of the corner of Far West Blvd and MoPac in Austin. Travel 100 yards...
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    .blog launch date and pricing revealed

    The new gTLD .blog will go to general availability in November with a wholesale price tag of $20, it was revealed today. The registry, Knock Knock Whois There, told registrars that sunrise will kick off August 18 and run for 60 days with a $130 price tag. Disputed sunrise domains will go to...
  6. domainking131

    GoDaddy gets its dot-brand

    GoDaddy has become a new gTLD registry with the delegation yesterday of .godaddy. It’s a dot-brand, so domain name registrations will not be made available to the general public. In one of the shortest mission statements found in new gTLD applications, the company describes .godaddy like this...
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    Domain names ending in .tube available tomorrow

    Domain name for video creators is launching. Domain names ending in .tube will become available starting tomorrow. The new domain option is targeted to video creators. I’m sure a big portion of this is the adult community, which has created all sorts of sites ending in “tube.” .Tube domains...
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    Yes.Bank Launches Revamped ‘Mobile First’ Website

    – New State-of-the-Art Website Optimized Across Latest Browsers, Tablets and Mobile Phones – Provides Superior Customer Experience With Enhanced Tools and Functionalities – Accessible at Domain – First Bank in India to Migrate to .bank Domain Platform YES BANK, India’s 5th largest...
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    Famous Four Media is now the second largest ngTLD operator in the world

    Famous Four Media is delighted to announce that they have reached an extraordinary milestone. Since their launch in 2014, the Company has sold over 3,000,000 domain names, with unprecedented growth seen across all of their gTLD’s. In this short space of time, one of the flagship TLD’s, .WIN, is...
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    .XYZ Registry Launches Searchable Domain Name Drop Tool

    The .XYZ registry has released a searchable tool for dropping .XYZ domain names. You can see all the .XYZ domain names dropping today, tomorrow or those in pending delete on a drop down menu on the site. Pending delete .XYZ domain names are those that will delete up to five days out. For...
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    The First Month Of .VIP (infographic); 418,000 Domains; $6M+ Revenue

    A new infographic was just released on the first 30 days of the new gTLD .VIP and what a 30 days it was. Over 418,000 registrations, total billings exceeded $6 million dollars, and 48 .VIP domain names have sold at auction with an average selling price of almost $23,000.
  12. domainking131

    The First Month Of .VIP (infographic); 418,000 Domains; $6M+ Revenue

    A new infographic was just released on the first 30 days of the new gTLD .VIP and what a 30 days it was. Over 418,000 registrations, total billings exceeded $6 million dollars, and 48 .VIP domain names have sold at auction with an average selling price of almost $23,000.
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    .Blog could be a multi $100 million business

    Chris Sheridan shared a great Q&A video interview with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg at WordCamp Europe 2016. At around the 20 minute mark of the video, Matt discusses the .Blog new gTLD domain extensionthat was acquired by WordPress earlier this year. The discussion focused around the...
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    DigitalTown Announces .CITY Domain Network – Buys 11,000 .City Domain Names

    DigitalTown, Inc. (OTC PINK: DGTW) today announced that it has acquired more than 11,000 .CITY domains for use with an international rollout of the DigitalTown’s flagship Smart City Platform and the Global Smart City Network. The .CITY domain extension is part of the new generation of intuitive...
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    Donuts makes $70 million unsolicited offer for Rightside’s new TLD

    Public offer comes after Rightside declined earlier offers. Donuts announced today that it’s making a $70 million offer to acquire Rightside’s (NASDAQ:NAME) new top level domain name business. The company is making the offer public after “Rightside has repeatedly disregarded” Donuts’ previous...
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    92% Of NGOs Have A Website (70% .ORG, 9% .COM, 18% ccTLDs & others)

    The data gathered from surveying 2,780 NGOs from 133 countries. The top five responders of the 2015 Global NGO Online Technology Survey were NGOs from the United States, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Here's a summary of NGOs and their related websites: 92% of NGOs...
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    CEOs of .Club & .XYZ Go On A Twitter Battle

    It all started with a Tweet from Colin Campbell, CEO of .Club, then Daniel Negari, CEO of .XYZ, replied and the battle of the New gTLDs began! Here is the timeline of the twitter battle: Colin Campbell: China investor pointed to Versign’s .COM keyword trends: CLUB 2X as popular as WANG/VIP –...
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    Startup with $2m launches on .Chat

    A new startup called Public, which has secured $2 million in funding is using .Chat domain name. Public was founded by Avner Ronen, an experienced Internet entrepreneur. Here’s how the Variety article described what Public is and does: “Public, which launched with an iPhone app and website...
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    .STORE Makes $1+ Million Until Day 1

    Radix announced that their new gTLD .STORE made more than $1 million before close of general availability day 1, earlier this week. This figure includes revenue earned from premium names, sunrise and regural registration fees. .Store started with 10,000 registrations in the first 10 minutes. It...
  20. domainking131

    Google coughs over “New-TLDs-as-SEO-boost” claims

    Google’s John Mueller chimes in (again) on claims about new TLDs helping search engine rankings. New top level domain company Rightside has been promoting the apparent search engine benefits of new top level domain names lately. It is promoting a case study it commissioned with GlobeRunner...

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