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    Email analytics firm 250ok scores $2.6 million Series A

    Company helps marketers reach their target, and domain name owners are part of the puzzle. Email analytics firm 250ok has secured a $2.6 million Series A funding led by Arthur Ventures. The Indianapolis company helps marketers make sure their messages are reaching consumers’ inboxes and...
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    The Untapped Online Marketing Asset You Might Not Be Aware of

    In the business world, all too many people assume that their corporate website should have one domain name pointing to it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “We already have a domain for our website.” In reality, one domain name is just a baseline… The fun really begins when you...
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    Discover these insider tips on how domains create value

    Not many executives understand the power of branding. The ones that do create brands that define industries. After speaking with thousands of companies, it was easy to differentiate the people that understood branding and marketing. The ones that do created brands that communicate authority...
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    Top 10 Digital Branding & Marketing Trends for 2017

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    Domain names save 90% of ad expenses and add 15% to business success

    At the Global Mobile Internet Conference in 2013, Tencent CEO Hua Teng MA famously said, “We even think that the internet may not need domain names in the future.” Few years later, what do we see in China now? It appears the opposite is actually happening. Chinese consumers welcome short domain...
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    The Online Branding Article Every Marketing Executive and CEO Should Read

    A business achieves credibility and authority when they are located in a most prestigious neighborhood, they achieve the same net result with a most prestigious online address. Let’s look at the brand. As a consumer is the intuitive online brand for manicure and nail...

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