1. webmaster75


    DynaDot reg. Renew price $ 9,99 Payment: Masterbucks/Sedo/Escrow/PayPal Push only to your DynaDot account PM with your offers UXUL.COM Registered On: 2006-06-10 Expires On: 2023-06-10 Why This Domain? VCVC pattern https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uxul (Uxul temple) User experience design (UX)...
  2. D

    Auction is taking place for URYP.com (Sounds like Europe.) Bid now before it's too late. :)

    Domain Name: URYP.com (Sounds like Europe.) Please click here to be taken to the auction. Thank you and merry bidding! :)
  3. H

    LLLL / Nnnnn / Nnnnnn .Com

    Hi ; I'm looking 4l / 5n / 6n Domains. Send me pm. Thanks.
  4. DomainAssetPros

    Rare No Vowel 4Letter domains available

    BSMH.com, and GLHD.com are for sale. Combined, they are worth more than $9000. But you can get them for about 50% less. Let me know if your interested in acquiring these well aged and in high demand domains. All reasonable offers will be considered! PM us if you prefer or check out our website...
  5. amiable


    BAAV.in (BAAV.com & BAAV.club including with deal !) Post your offers here or PM Thanks.
  6. amiable


    DOOG.in Post your offers here or PM Thanks.
  7. amiable


    ZEED.in Post your offers here or PM
  8. domainking131

    Notable LLLL Domain Name Sales in February 2016

    Here’s a breakdown of some notable LLLL domain name sales: Namejet sold the most, capturing about 41% of the dollars sold, with an average sale price of $3,310 and a median of $2,400 GoDaddy is second with about 33% of the dollars sold, with an average sale price of $4,037 and a median of...
  9. domainking131

    Is China Invading LLLL.IN Domain Names?

    12,000 .IN domain names were registered during the weekend. Chinese Premium equivalents of .IN domains are being hand registered in mass quantities. .IN is the ccTLD of India. On Friday, there were about 35,000 domain names variations available. (LLLL.IN – No A, E, I, O, U or V) On Monday there...
  10. johnnywj



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