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    DesiChat.com (Traffic Name,High Estibot), Lassi.net , HindiCinema.com ,Munbai.com, Himalayas.net

    Taking Offers on DesiChat.com (Estibot $18,000) High Overture Score (Name gets Type-In Traffic) Lassi.net HindiCinema.com (high Search Volume) Munbai.com AngelesCalifornia.com HimalayasTours.com Himalayas.net SyrianRefugee.org FRIV.TV (Estibot $230,000)
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    ChickenTikka.com and IndianRestaurant.net

    ChickenTikka.com and IndianRestaurant.net For Sale Taking Serious Offers PM Message
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    NVU.ORG (PR 4) Rank Domain

    NVU.ORG PR 4 Domain Estibot $14,000 - Since 2003 -Perfect for mobile devices - Registered till 2017 Previous dot org sales md.org- $555,650 diy.org- $60,000 Poker.org-$1,000,000 Date.org-$150,000 Move.org-$120,000 (2015) June.org-$114,000 Please PM offers As with any Logo or domain...
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    Himalayas.org (The Name Speaks for itself) !

    Himalayas.org This is possibly one of the best paired keywords on the web with a trusted Dot Org extension A chance to own a Premium, one word domain (Perfect for mobile devices) - Exact Match Domain -Since 2003 -137,500 Exact Searches (domain index) - 24 million Google Search Results...

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