1. Digital Pandit

    Facebook sues Web.com’s NVSC for cybersquatting

    "Facebook has filed a lawsuit (pdf) against New Ventures Services Corp (NVSC) for alleged cybersquatting of its brands, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. NVSC is a Web.com subsidiary that holds domain names for traffic revenue and resale. It gets many of its domain names by...
  2. CyberKing

    ViralZIP.com - A Shout Out to INFORUM Members!

    Dear Fellow Members - I would appreciate your support and help to take ViralZIP.com - A Viral Content Platform to the next LEVEL - I welcome feedback and ideas, partnerships and more! Meanwhile I request you all to LIKE over FB Page @ http://fb.com/VIRALZIP Thank You IN Advance! :) If...
  3. domainking131

    Facebook Acquires GameRoom.com Domain Name

    Facebook Inc. has acquired the premium generic domain name GameRoom.com The domain name has been registered since 1998 and was owned by Julie Anderson of Fort Lauderdale, Florida according to whois records. The domain has had a lot of interest over at domain name aftermarket service Sedo...
  4. domainking131

    Facebook registers domain names for WorkPlace service

    Is it getting ready to expand its corporate offerings? Facebook has registered a handful of domain names suggesting it’s working on a service called WorkPlace…or a rebrand. The social media company registered the domain names facebookworkplace.com, fbworkplace.com, workplacebyfacebook.com and...
  5. domainking131

    Facebook hires Google Fibre co-founder for Internet projects

    Social media giant Facebook has hired a co-founder of Google's Fibre high-speed Internet project to beef up its Internet connectivity team. According to tech news site Re/Code, the social network has hired Kevin Lo as its Director of Infrastructure Connectivity and Investments to help lead...
  6. domainking131

    Facebook Refuses To Take Domain Back from Registrant

    Facebook filed a complaint with U.K. Internet authority Nominet over thefacebook.co.uk. The registrant Steven Cameron said he did not register the domain name or have anything to do with it. According to an article on Bognor.co.uk, Mr. Cameron did offer to give Facebook the domain but Facebook...
  7. domainking131

    Facebook transfers Instagram.com to its new registrar

    It’s not quite cyberflight, but Facebook has transferred threatened domain name instagram.com to its newly acquired in-house registrar. Whois records show that the domain, used for the popular photo-sharing social network, was moved from MarkMonitor to RegistrarSEC yesterday. It emerged on...
  8. domainking131

    Mark Zuckerberg pays $700 to Indian cybersquatter for rights to his domain name

    Mark Zuckerberg just paid $700 (around Rs 47,000) to an Indian cyber squatter for rights to maxchanzuckerberg.com. Amal Augustine is a student at KMEA college at Kochi and apparently makes a habit of picking up domain names that he thinks will be relevant in the future. When GoDaddy sent...
  9. domainking131

    Facebook bought a registrar

    Facebook has acquired a domain name registrar, according to its point person in ICANN. Facebook domain manager Susan Kawaguchi said on tonight’s GNSO Council teleconference, as a matter of disclosure, that Facebook recently acquired a registrar. Multiple sources say the registrar is...
  10. domainking131

    Facebook toying with the $50 billion hyperlocal services market, launches Facebook Services

    Along with virtual reality, Facebook Live and other in-house projects, Facebook is now venturing into the hyperlocal services segment in India. The social networking giant has introduced the services rather discreetly into the market. One can now look for spas, pet services, and even event...
  11. domainking131

    Facebook Launches M.Me Messenger Links

    With more than 900 million monthly active users already and millions of new ones signing up each day, Facebook’s messaging app is on its way to surpassing the popular social network regarding popularity. With today’s launch of M.Me Messenger Links, Facebook’s popular communication tool just...

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