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    Spielberg.com, 668666.com and more expired domain name sales

    Most of us will look at Spielberg.com, an expired domain that sold for $7.6k last week, and assume that Steven Spielberg was targeted as a likely future buyer. 668666.com - $10,300 Spielberg.com - $7600 IE.org - $6400 93355.com - $6200 HEBU.com - $5318 Creel.com - $5227...
  2. domainking131

    Expired Domain Report: KeyPoint.com, SellOff.com and more

    According to CNN Money, seasonal variations around the New Year tend to mask what the market is up to. Still, they report “gloomy” figures and “deepened concerns” about China’s economy. Did Chinese bidders vanish? No, as you can see, they remained active last week, bringing in 6 of the top 20...
  3. domainking131

    CHIPs, Numbers, and other expired domain name sales

    Once again, China tops these charts – but not in the customary way. Rather than numerical domains, 4-letter “CHIPs”, or even Chinese Pinyin, we’re looking at an English domain about China: ChinaTech.com. The auction outcome itself ($4.7k) isn’t at all unusual, since domains that can serve as...

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