1. H

    Email in your preferred language

    Hello IDN Team Consultants: We could provide you with eMail services in your preferred language, for £80.00, or your money back. Payment, PayPal or bank transfer. Our service is an introduction service, no way are we affiliated with the company your email services will be provided. Please...
  2. domainking131

    Email is the domain name X factor

    When it comes to domain names, I think email is the x factor that is not always considered. For companies that don’t have their exact match .com domain names, I think email can be a big problem. For those who are fortunate, the email issue will be understood, although it can go undetected. On...
  3. JackD


  4. D

    Inforum's weekly email has broken links!!

    The weekly email sends with a list of popular topics has topic links linked to, but the path part is correct. One of the example link I received this week is: Using Gmail...
  5. Mallard

    Blocked by hotmail?

    One of my sites serves a monthly newsletter to members. We handle double opt-in, the US can-spam and have Dmarc etc set up, so everything should be above board. It ran fine until this month, when all the hotmail accounts returned it, because hotmail have blocked it. There's no contact details on...
  6. domainking131

    How to land your email in inbox with maximum chances

    When I used to contact potential buyers in the past to sell my domains, I tested a lot of things. From changing subject line to message and took lot of time to see which experiment works best. The challenge was not only to write proper subject line and message to send but one more important...
  7. DomainSherpa

    (Almost) Free Email Hosting for Your Own Domain Name

    Google Apps for Business costs $60 per year for email hosting. I found an email hosting option ( for your domain name that only costs $0.06 per year. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you exactly how to set up and use free email hosting for your domain name...
  8. domainking131

    Email for your domain names: Google and Rackspace

    While Google Apps is a great service, Rackspace email might be better for some users. Check out more about this new emailing service in this article

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