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  1. CyberKing

    Crypto Domains are HOT again in India + dot IN Promo!

    At we are seeing a surge in crypto themed dot IN registrations with the Supreme Court judgement yesterday and the ongoing March dot IN Promos are helping too...
  2. ajf7688

    40 .in domains for $399 bulk sale
  3. ajf7688

    40 .in domains for sale - and more...

  4. CyberKing

    FOR SALE - महा.भारत (Maha.Bharat) IDN Domain

    Outright sale, lease or development of the domain name महा.भारत PM me your best offers!
  5. CyberKing

    Series - Busting dot IN myths!

    Foreword - After the recent rant of mine via a post in the Lounge section I was surprised to see that as a mere coincidence 4-5 days later another self styled "KING" made of course very famous by an enviable record of investing in COMs and selling them for 8 figures (unless I cannot count...
  6. CyberKing

    Showcase - A dot IN case study (EnergyFactor.IN)

    So here is an example / Showcase dot IN use Below most of the commentary is on hindsight (my personal views) on seeing a new and surprising TV ad campaign recently during the Asia Cup on Star Sports Network. Exxon Mobile (which never has before) is running a series of ads ending with...
  7. D

    About 300 .in and domains for sale

    I have about About 300 .in and domains for sale and am wanting sell them all enmasse. There are some good ones in there and sure someone will make a good profit. Let me know if interested with your full contact details. Payment will be by 100% secure method ONLY. Thanks DG
  8. M

    Great .in Domains on Sale! All Above Only $12 / Rs. 750 each !! 3 Letter (LLL (will be DynaDot pushed to you after Renewing till 2018) - Selling for Only $25 / Rs. 1500 !! Payment: PayPal / NEFT / PayTM...
  9. Aubits

    Dot .IN Price Projections / 4 Levels or Categories

    Domain names whether .com or .in can be categorized into 4 levels. Check out some of my projections for .IN domains - Super Premium, Premium , High Quality and Quality . Why you want to own domains in the Top 100,000 to be ahead in the domain market Note: These are projections based on known...

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