1. K for $50

    PayPal / NEFT accepted.
  2. D -Auctions -NO Reserve Prices

    Howdy y’all, I have the following domain names in auction on Flippa. There are NO reserve prices! You have the opportunity to win each auction for just $1. Let each auction speak for itself. :cool: – Please click here. – Please click here. –...
  3. S

    Selling running Job portal

    Would like to sell running job portal with all features of premium job portals. Includes all below Domain Job portal with all features VPS hosting Facebook page and group (19000 members) Blog Other social media accounts
  4. Charan Raj For Sale

    I am Selling For Rs.40k Amount Can be Reduced . This Domain Can Be Used for Forums , Blog etc . This Domain Name has Lots of Potential To Do . I Accept Payment From IMPS , NEFT etc Interested ppl PM Me . Price Can be Negotiable
  5. Prabhat Jani

    what should be price of is an aged domain and its 8 year old. da is 18. Please tell me price idea
  6. Prabhat Jani : what should be price of this domain

    I want to know what should be price of this domain
  7. NoeIST

    .Rs Showcase

    The .RS extension stands for Serbia. There are no restrictions, everyone can register and transfer a .RS domain name on a first come, first served basis. There are still a lot of attractive and short rs domains available to register, and .rs domains are often used for domain hacks such as...
  8. Minesh

    Let me know someone is interested... Also below are some domain names...
  9. easternaga


    Create a site regarding information about sbi Offers accepted
  10. Mahadev Sarvade

    Appraise the domains

    Please appraise the domain
  11. Mahadev Sarvade

    My First personal domain just sold....

    I had sold out for $250 ..Last Monday...Happy with the first deal... I want some information about payment process, IRC code & how many day it will credit the amount in my account.. I had provided SWIFT code but I don't know the HSBC Bank, Pune , IRC code, so...
  12. V is on auction - 240$ Start - .LY domain

    Sedo Auction Page: Reserve Price is 240$. Thank you!
  13. bourseindia

    What do you prefer .in or .com

    There are many domain with same name with different extensions like .in, .com, .org, etc, here I'm posting this thread to know the valuation and difference between them. Which one is best to choose and why.
  14. V For sale on flippa

    Hello inforums friends, i am selling this awesome highly targeted and profitable niche domain name on flippa Car insurance has average 33,70,000 exact match searches with cpc of 15.56$. Find my listing here Please if anybody there...
  15. R Domain

    Hello, I have a domain I want to sell it but not sure exact selling price for this. Can anyone help me with the pricing? Thanks in advance :)

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