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    Big companies recently registered these domain names

    Here are some interesting domain name registrations undertaken by large companies in recent days. Companies made a bunch of hand registrations and domain acquisitions the past couple days. Although none of them rise to the level of writing a dedicated article about them, I think it’s worth...
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    Marketing With Domain Names

    Options! Domain names allow for a lot of options. Sending and getting people to visit something is not easy, but domain names have been around now since 1985, so people know by seeing them that they will be visiting a website. That is powerful by itself. With smartphones and computers in so many...
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    Investing in the Future of Domain Names

    As an investor and an entrepreneur, it is the most exciting time in the history of the domain industry. You could argue that the 90’s were the most exciting times, but in that period, only a handful of very savvy investors and forward thinkers truly saw the big picture. Nowadays the big picture...
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    Chinese domain sales : Shanghai sinks, will chips follow?

    The Chinese economic indexes are at their lowest point since 2014, after Shanghai’s composite closed down 6.4% on Tuesday. China’s central bank injected 360 billion yuan into money markets, attempting to sustain liquidity just as the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday looms ahead. An interesting...
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    Flippa Introduces The All New Flippa Domains

    Here are some of the new features on Flippa: Advanced Filtering Your domains search experience now includes robust filters for fine-tuning your results. Simply use the console located at the top and you’re away. Clean and simple We’ve stripped it right back to basics, so you can focus on the...
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    Why You Should Study Domain Names That DONT Sell

    We all want to hear the stories about domain names that have sold for thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, right? It’s motivating to see other peoples success because there is a little voice inside you that says “If they could do it, so can I”. Well, I have that little...
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    Domain Name Mistakes You Need to Avoid

    Don’t Make the Decision on a Domain Name Too Quickly Don’t Use a Limiting Domain Name Don’t Shy Away from Premium Domains Don’t Ignore a Name if it Is Taken Don’t Ignore Possible Trademark Conflicts Don’t Get a Domain That Doesn’t Match Your Business or Industry Don’t Ignore Keywords in Your...
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    Internet grows to around 299 million domain names in Q3 2015

    Domain names and Internet security firm VeriSign has announced that approximately 3.1 million domain names were added to the Internet in the third quarter of 2015, bringing the total number of registered domain names to approximately 299 million worldwide across all top-level domains (TLDs) as...
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    Close to 3.1 Million Domain Names Registered in the Third Quarter of 2015

    Approximately 3.1 million domain names were registered in the third quarter of 2015, bringing the total number of registered domain names close to 299 million worldwide across all top-level domains (TLDs) as of Sept. 30, 2015, according to the latest Domain Name Industry Brief by Verisign. The...

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