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    65 newly funded startups and their domain names:,

    This week, we have 65 startups raising a total of $821,044,122. It’s no surprise that a biosciences company, Harmony Biosciences, led the funding rounds with $270 million in Venture funding. The complete list is available here
  2. domainking131

    $10,000 vs $10: How Zomato chose

    Choosing a domain name is a critical part of the branding process. Many startup founders have the mentality that their business has to be built on a .com domain name, and branding decisions can be contingent upon availability and price for the exact match .com domain name. Owning a .com domain...
  3. CyberKing - Marketplace to flip Domains and Websites

    Just launched and for the next 30 days inforum members can list your Domain Names and Websites for sale for FREE. Featured listings are only USD 10 for 6 months! PS- Please provide your issue feedback via PM (and praise in public and share )
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    Does the page load time of a landing page impact the number of inbound offers you get?

    The short answer is – yes. As with most things in life, people are busy and the amount of time someone has to wait directly relates to sales. In the apparel world retailers see this happen in-store all the time, long lines at dressing rooms usually means less sales or less items purchased on...
  5. domainking131 sold for nearly $50k

    In last week’s DNJournal weekly sales report, was reported as sold at a $48,888 sale price via Rupii/GoDaddy. This sale ranks on DNJournal as the 56th largest public domain name sale of the year, and it is the seventh largest public domain name sale of the year so far...
  6. domainking131

    Amazon Files Trademark for Prepared Food Kits; Domain Registered Same Day News Breaks

    Breaking News is out happening that Amazon has filed a trademark for ‘Prepared Food Kits” The trademark was filed on July 6, 2017 and a quick WhoIs lookup shows that is owned by William Brister who seems to have registered the domain name just yesterday July 17, 2017 Since...
  7. domainking131

    New gTLDs have lost 2.3 million domains in the past 8 weeks

    New gTLDs have lost 2.3 million domain names in the past 8 weeks. There are now about 22 million new gtld domain registrations. According to there have been 4.3 million domain names removed from zone files while there have been 2 million new registrations. The domains that have...
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    Uniregistry: Transfer your domain names to us and we'll beat your current renewal rate*. Period

    At Uniregistry, great service comes with an unbeatable* price Why settle for less? Still paying for domain privacy protection? Renewal fees creeping up each year? Sick of getting upsold around every corner? We built Uniregistry to give our customers total control, honest pricing, and...
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    Mike Mann: “.com is still king and always will be”

    Mike Mann made a short video for the GDS (Global Domain Summit) 2017 conference in China and posted it on Facebook and on YouTube on what appears to be his new channel. Among other things he said that “.com is still king and always will be” and that “there will never be another domain extension...
  10. domainking131

    The Untapped Online Marketing Asset You Might Not Be Aware of

    In the business world, all too many people assume that their corporate website should have one domain name pointing to it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “We already have a domain for our website.” In reality, one domain name is just a baseline… The fun really begins when you...
  11. domainking131

    GoDaddy launches Domain Investing section on the website

    GoDaddy has launched a new domain investing section on its website. If you click on the “Domains” drop down menu on GoDaddy’s website, you can see the “Domain Investing” category on the bottom right section (with the word “New” next to it). Clicking on this link takes you to a section of the...
  12. domainking131

    .Club is releasing 4,500 new premium domain names

    On June 14th at 15:00 UTC, .Club will be releasing 4,500 NEW premium domain names into their tiered premium inventory at the registrars. These are predominantly names that were previously registry reserved and have never been available through the registrar channel before. In addition to many...
  13. domainking131

    .In is gaining prominence in India - but is the price increasing?

    .IN is getting more and more popular in India. More people are now using the extension and some of the new startups have chosen the same path. But some of the investors of .IN still doubt if that has increased the price of good domain names in the extension. The offers on their names are still...
  14. domainking131

    Namebio turns 10. It's one of the most useful tools for a domainer is an extremely useful resource. Whether you are looking for what is hot in the industry, how much should you price your names for, how much should you acquire a name for looking at similar names sold recently, this is one of the most useful tool that I find as a domainer. "NameBio...
  15. domainking131

    3,500 Trump .Com & .Net Domains Registered in Last 48 Hours

    According to Verisign, the registry for the .Com and .Net domain names, since election day November 8th almost 3,200 .Com and 330 .net domains containing the word Trump have been registered. A lot of domains already are calling for Trump’s impeachment, some are boring on criminal as...
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    What is Quality Traffic?

    Domain owners often confuse quality as being a measurement of the level of real human versus bot traffic. On the other hand, advertisers define quality as traffic that converts for them. Who is right and are these sensible definitions for quality? Recognised versus unrecognised traffic is the...
  17. domainking131

    Hillary Clinton using .IO domain names

    One of the trends (IMO) that has emerged during the last couple of years is the usage of .IO domain names. I’ve seen quite a few startups using domain names with the .IO extension, and it seems that the values of these domain names are increasing. I do not own any .IO domain names and don’t...
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    A guide to boosting organic click through rates

  19. domainking131

    GoDaddy Surpasses 1 Million Registered Domains in the United Kingdom

    GoDaddy, the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures, today announced that it has registered its 1 millionth .UK1 domain in the United Kingdom. As more UK entrepreneurs and professionals decide to turn their ideas into reality, they are choosing GoDaddy to...
  20. domainking131

    Domain names and branding the Chinese way

    Lately I’ve been thinking about the idea of branding the Chinese way. As I understand it, branding is about associating products or services with a name. Global brands such as Nike spend million dollars every year in advertising and promotion so that when I think running shoes I think Nike or...

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