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    What domain names are in demand? A buyer broker speaks.

    Bill Sweetman analyzes his 500 most recent buy requests. If you want to understand what type of domain names are in demand, a good person to talk with is someone who buys domains on behalf of clients. Last week he posted data on the 500 most recent domain names clients have asked him to...
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    M+M turns $22m profit into $10m loss

    Minds + Machines today reported a 2015 loss of $10 million and further outlined its “transformative” restructuring and China strategy. It’s the second full year of operating results M+M has posted since its first new gTLDs went live, and they’re not encouraging. Revenue for accounting purposes...
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    67 .COM domains released

    In a joint order by the US Immigration and Customs Enforcementand the Homeland Security Investigations, the seizure of 67commercial website domain names has been executed. These seized domain names are all .com. The respective websites allegedly “engaged in the illegal sale and distribution of...
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    Why you need the perfect domain name

    Building a brand is something every entrepreneur dreams of. Whether it’s the next unicorn, a fashion empire or the local go-to ice cream parlor, your brand name is representative of so much more than your financial statements. It represents your culture, how people connect with you, how...
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    “Owning the dot com version of my name / business has been most helpful for ranking (SEO) and branding. When I first bought the domain over four years ago, I didn’t know what I would end up using it for, but I wanted to secure it in case someone else had the same name as I. Eventually, a few...
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    Most Companies Don’t Know What To Do With Domain Names!

    I am especially talking about companies that buy domains and instead of using them to grow their company, they simply do nothing with them. They don’t even do simple things like a website and email. I got an inquiry from a company using a 3-word .com for their website. The domain name is the...
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    When choosing a domain to Maximize SEO Choose your brand name published an article today on choosing a domain name to maximize SEO. The author recommends staying away from Exact Match Domains, I think that there may some flawed thinking here as to discard all EMD’s. Low quality names sure, but there are several that would be...
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    Chinese domain market sales : Wall Street bankers from China head back home

    According to Bloomberg, China has a huge demand for “good brains” and is now offering competitive salaries. And that’s a great thing, as these US-educated workers will attempt to shift the world’s 2nd largest economy back on track. In the world of Chinese domain market sales, nothing much has...
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    What domain names to buy this week

    A selection of domain names you might want to buy this week. NameJet – A nice travel domain. – Good medical Q&A site. – has a small reserve. – Name says it all. – I’ve sold roofing domains for $1,000+...
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    Over 750K domains added yesterday alone

    Registrations of domain names seem to be going on at a record pace. Yesterday saw the number of domain registrations across all Top Level Domain (TLD) names have a net add of over 750,000 domains. The gross numbers of domain names registered yesterday were close to 900,000. These total include...
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    .Com Tops 125 Million Domain Registrations

    According to Verisign, the number of .Com registration crossed the 125 million mark in the Domain Name Base. The active zone file is just over 124 Million domain names. In January 2014 the number of .com registrations stood at 112 Million. By the end of 2014, the number of .com registrations...
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    Newly funded startups and their domain names

    The Chinese New Year had little to no effect on the funding frenzy that’s going on in startup land. It was business as usual with 90 new startup companies from all over the world raking in a cool $405,435,860 in cash last week. With 74% .Com remains the top dog, followed by the ccTLDs who...
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    Toys R Us Shuts Down $5.1 Million Domain Website

    In 2009 toy retailer giant Toys R Us successfully acquired the generic domain name in an auction, and set up a website on the generic domain name shortly after to expand its reach and help control the important top spots in search engines for the highly searched term. They did well...
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    What's in a (Business) Name?

    Naming a business can seem like a daunting task, and it may not be something you want to spend a lot of time doing. But make no mistake - your business name can often be just as important as the quality of the products you make and the price at which you sell them. 1. Keyword: With this method...
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    Marketing With Domain Names

    Options! Domain names allow for a lot of options. Sending and getting people to visit something is not easy, but domain names have been around now since 1985, so people know by seeing them that they will be visiting a website. That is powerful by itself. With smartphones and computers in so many...
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    Domain Name Mistakes You Need to Avoid

    Don’t Make the Decision on a Domain Name Too Quickly Don’t Use a Limiting Domain Name Don’t Shy Away from Premium Domains Don’t Ignore a Name if it Is Taken Don’t Ignore Possible Trademark Conflicts Don’t Get a Domain That Doesn’t Match Your Business or Industry Don’t Ignore Keywords in Your...

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