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  1. domainking131 now owned by ZS Associates

    It looks like a company called ZS Associates has acquired the high value domain name. The company currently uses for its website. As you can see to the left, the company’s logo is simply “ZS,” so this domain name upgrade will fit right into its branding without much...
  2. domainking131 acquired by Faraday Future

    Faraday Future has acquired the valuable domain name, according to an announcement made this morning in the company’s newsletter. If you visit, you will see that the domain name is now forwarding directly to For those who aren’t aware, Faraday Future is a car...
  3. domainking131 acquired by Logitech

    It looks like the high value domain name was recently acquired by Logitech, a NASDAQ publicly traded company that produces computer peripherals and other types of electronic devices. According to a recent Whois change, Logitech just became the registered owner of this two letter .com...
  4. domainking131

    Machine Zone acquired

    It appears that a large gaming company called Machine Zone may have acquired the two letter domain name. The Whois registrant for is currently listed as Marksmen, Inc., and the domain name shows a website for Machine Zone. Among other things, Marksmen acquires domain names on...
  5. domainking131 Acquires is now redirecting to but that will likely change in the near future when the service comes out of beta and the .com domain taking the lead. To note: Avenue 81, Inc. was found guilty of reverse domain name hijacking for the domain name, which they tried to...
  6. domainking131 Acquires has acquired yet another great domain name; The domain name just updated yesterday to show as the new owner. The domain was previously owned under privacy at the brand protection company and domain name registrar Safenames which is also the company...
  7. domainking131 Deutsche Telekom AG

    The largest public domain name sale reported by DNJournal last week was, which sold for $100,000 via Although I am sure it will be surpassed because it is only February, this $100k deal currently ranks as the 7th largest sale of the year on the DNJournal year to...
  8. domainking131

    The Story Of How Harvey Levin Bought The Domain For $5K

    Harvey Levin bought the domain name for just $5,000 back in 2005. “The domain name, however, was owned by a man who built robots—the site’s initials stood for “Team Minus Zero”—and he showed little interest in selling. “We had the guy’s name, and we knew that he worked at a...
  9. domainking131

    An analysis of a domain acquisition

    Ali Zandi has shared the reason behind the acquisition of Up until today, I had yet to purchase a numeric domain name. Let alone any domain in the .XYZ extension. Personally, I’m an advocate of sticking to the .com for a majority of my acquisitions. But today called for a little...
  10. domainking131 Can Now Exhale After Acquiring

    Fellow Long Island, NY domainer Thomas Pirrone has sold for $8,500 to California-based Pirrone, who hand-registered in November 1997, is no neophyte when it comes to domain investing…he sold for $25k and...
  11. domainking131 Enjoys Acquisition of for 7 Figures

    Fellow domain investor Jamie Zoch is reporting this morning that acquired the dictionary term domain name sometime in Sept 2015 for a reported 7 figure sale. Founded in 2014, Enjoy is founded by former Apple Inc. executive Ron Johnson who created the Apple Store. Source

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