1. JulienJ

    Looking back on past domain sales that are now active sites

    I’ve always found it interesting to take a look at what happens to a domain name after you sell it. In some cases I’ve found domains that I’ve sold lay dormant for years after the sale, in other cases I’ve seen a site go up in a matter of days. Tonight I was going through some past sales and I...
  2. domainking131

    So far little is being done with the highest selling new gtld domains

    Taking a look at some of the biggest reported new gtld sales on Namebio and it seems like a lot of people spent a lot of money on domains that are doing nothing. Wine.Club purchased for $140,000 and the name just shows a landing page. Web.Hosting was purchased for $52,500 at...
  3. steviestingray

    Considering All Offers on

    Once in a lifetime opportunity for a domain that will bring you clients! The keyword "App Developer" receives 9,990 searches per month according to the Google keyword search tool with a nice $14.91 CPC! All serious offers will be considered at fastequity at You want this domain if...

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