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    What's the best way to buy a bunch of domains and fill the space for my project?

    I want to buy some domains and don't intend to flip these domains - it's for my personal use. Unfortunately I also need to fill the space: don't want some clever git altering a 's' or adding a '-' (at some point in the future). In this regard: where you need to buy a bunch of related domains in...
  2. domainking131

    Apple gets Reverse Domain Name Hijacking decision in cybersquatting dispute

    Dairy company tries to get domain name through cybersquatting complaint. Apple (NASDAQ: APPL) has successfully defended its domain name in a cybersquatting dispute. The World Intellectual Property Organization panel hearing the case decided that the complaint was brought in...
  3. domainking131

    Nestle retains iconic domain name

    Company that trademarks old names filed cybersquatting complaint against It’s not often that you see a big corporation on the receiving end of a UDRP. But that was the case with a just-decided case involving the domain name, which is owned by Nestle. The history of...
  4. domainking131

    Interesting data on domain growth and cybersquatting

    Charts in ICANN report reveal interesting trends. ICANN published the beta (pdf) of its gTLD Marketplace Health Index today. Here are some graphs I found interesting. These graphs only refer to gTLDs, not ccTLDs. Growth in second level domain additions was slipping until new top level domains...
  5. domainking131

    Cybersquatting complaints against .com domains are dropping

    Here’s a story you’ve not heard told: For many years, the number of UDRPs aimed at .COM domains has been declining. Does that come as a surprise? We hear about high-profile UDRPs all the time, and the newsworthy cases usually involve some valuable domain name that has been put in jeopardy...
  6. domainking131

    Lady Gaga beats cybersquatter

    Musician gets domain name through cybersquatting dispute. If you cybersquatted on a bunch of famous peoples’ names on .mobi domain names, would anyone care? Apparently Lady Gaga does. Stefani Germanotta filed a cybersquatting complaint against Nancy Faralisz of The Michigan...
  7. domainking131

    Top 2015 new gTLD sale looks like cybersquatting

    One of the top secondary market domain sales of 2015, as reported by Sedo, appears to be a case of somebody selling a domain matching a trademark to the trademark’s owner. According to a press release yesterday, the domain was the third-priciest reportable new gTLD domain sale...
  8. domainking131

    Domains NOT to register: StarWars.Academy

    This past weekend at the movie theaters there was not a single movie worth mentioning. Everyone is getting ready for the big premiere of Star Wars – The Force Awakens. Star Wars is a famous trademark of Lucas Films, and an intellectual property of Disney. Still, people will go register domain...

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